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“Believe all the 5-Star reviews. This is a man who obviously knows what he is doing and loves doing it. We had two appliances that failed during the same week. Todd responded to our phone call and came the following day. He had to replace two parts and returned to complete the repair the next day. His pricing was more than fair. We are delighted to have found him.”

Richard P., San Diego, CA (5 stars 6/30/2016 from Yelp)

“I chose Appliance-Science based only off of Yelp reviews and am so happy I did! My dryer was on the fritz. Todd returned my call almost immediately and when I told him the symptoms he kindly explained all the possible diagnoses. He came by the next day and had it all fixed in no time! Extremely knowledgeable, well priced and personable - I wouldn't choose anyone else”

Amanda B., San Diego, CA (5 stars 6/2/2016 from Yelp)

“My experience with Todd at Appliance-Science couldn't have been any better. I called Todd after contacting at least four other business on Yelp who didn't give me much confidence when answering questions and who weren't willing to estimate anything before visiting. In contrast, Todd returned my call within just a few hours, discussed a couple of parts I'd researched online, and gave me rough estimates for a couple of scenarios I asked about. He arrived on time and seemed like a really nice guy in person. He got to work quickly on our washing machine even though it was in an awkward spot, and quickly determined that we didn't need the new drain pump I thought we might have to buy. He unblocked our machine, got it running again, and even offered us some parts from his truck to stop the machine banging when it was on spin cycle. He was also knowledgeable about a problem we had with the door lock and offered to help fix it if we wanted to, but also told us our current quick fix was fine. Since nothing was replaced, he charged way less than I originally thought it would come to. So there you have it, an honest repairman who arrives on time, genuinely tries to help you out, and doesn't try to stick you with unnecessary charges. If we need more repairs in future we will be going straight to Todd at Appliance-Science.”

Al M., San Diego, CA (5 stars 5/18/2016 from Yelp)

“Appliance-Science deserves more then 5 Stars. I called Todd and told (him) about Bosch washing machine problem. Brand new and doesn't work.... He knew what was wrong with it over the phone... He was right... took packing bolts out of back of machine and in 10 minutes it was fixed. He was on time and as nice as can be. I highly recommend him. Pricing was extremely fair. Only trouble now is with so many 5 stars he will be hard to get a hold of.”

Nancy H., La Jolla, CA (5 stars 5/7/2016 from Yelp)

“Todd is fast and efficient. He's honest and knows his appliances. Don't pay attention to the few "unresponsive" comments. A guy can't constantly be answering the phone when he's on the job, but through a week of working with him, he always responded in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Appliance-Science to a friend.”

Matt C., Chula Vista, CA (5 stars 4/29/2016 from Yelp)

“I called Appliance-Science after being utterly dismayed by the service that Antech Appliance provided under contract to American Home Shield. I had called on 2/15/16 to AHS who dispatched Antech to service my dishwasher and refrigerator. Serge, their technician told my son and roommate that the power cord to the dishwasher was severed. AHS said that Serge told them the cord was missing, which meant it was not covered by warranty. That raised my suspicions. Next, he fiddled with the fridge and said if that didn't work I should go to Home Depot and buy some cool cleanant and clean the coils and wait for 36 hours. He said if that didn't work he would have to see if parts were available which he didn't think they would be as the fridge was old. I received a card from AHS notifying me that my service requests had been closed. I called them back and informed them of what had transpired but put a call into Appliance-Science. This was on April 1, 2016! I had been without a refrigerator for a month and a half!!! Todd answered promptly and arrived the next day and quickly discovered that the problem with the fridge was ice blocking the flow of air from the freezer to the refrigerator component. He asked me to defrost and he would determine if a timer or thermostat was needed at that time. He pulled the dishwasher out from the wall. My son confirmed that Serge never bothered to do this. He quickly confirmed the presence of an intact power line but noted the drainage and water lines were never connected. He hooked those up and the dishwasher is working fine. How refreshing to meet such an honest, highly skilled competent businessman after dealing with the crooks that American Home Shield contracts with. I would award Todd ten stars if I could!”

Kristi D., San Diego, CA (5 stars 4/2/2016 from Yelp)

“I selected Appliance-Science due to the 5-star Yelp rating. Todd earned every star, just like every other review mentioned. He called me back promptly and came the next day. He diagnosed the issue, quoted me the price (very fair), and ordered the parts all in 30 minutes. He came back the next day to install the part. (This turn-around is due to part availability, but if the part is in the SD area, Todd can make it happen.) I scheduled him to come, but then had a last minute conference call at home at the same time. He came just before the meeting started, and was done with the work without any hassle as I took the call. I just finished my first load of laundry with the new parts. Everything works perfectly. UPDATE --- He's still great. I had another issue with my washer (normal wear and tear - plastic cracks after many years). Todd came out again. It was just as easy to schedule the appointment. He fixed the problem in 15 min. I asked about getting a new washing machine. He recommended I keep my current one. The two minor issues I had were normal wear & tear after many years. I asked what to look for if I did decide to get a new one, and he gave me great advice on top vs. side load & features. He also gave me advice about my dishwasher (which was not broken and he didn't examine). He knew how to fix that "chalky white" power that builds up. 3 cycles of Dishwasher Magic cleaner. Todd is so much better than Consumer Reports.”

Wendy E., San Diego, CA (5 stars 1/17/2016 from Yelp)

“(1 check-in) Please read!!! My 8 year old LG dryer started making a thumping sound a couple days ago. Looked up service repair reviews and noticed this guy had all positive reviews. Called him today and left him a message to call me back when he had time. He called back within a half hour. He asked me a few questions, told me to look in my dryer and look for crack. He was right... I found a little crack on the edge of the drum. He told me to call LG because their older dryers tend to have defect in drums. He said they would send me the part for free and it was easy to install. He said if I had any further questions to call him. WOW... how often does that happen, free advice. I will without a doubt call him in the future if I need appliance repair. Thank you Todd.”

poppa i., San Diego, CA (5 stars 1/8/2016 from Yelp)

“What a great guy! He gave me free advice over the phone on how to fix the dishwasher. I'm definitely calling him if something else goes wrong.”

Sébastien C., San Diego, CA (5 stars 1/4/2016 from Yelp)

“Appliance-Science offered an honest assessment of my appliance problem and performed a quick and quality repair for a very affordable price. Todd was right on time for our appointment and quickly analyzed and fixed the problem and then showed me how to fix it myself it were to occur again. In my past experiences with other repair services I always felt like I was getting misled or otherwise ripped off with shady explanations of the issue and exorbitant estimates. With Appliance-Science I felt like I got a great deal for the repair and the education Todd gave me made it even better. I highly recommend Todd and Appliance-Science.”

Ron R., San Diego, CA (5 stars 12/8/2015 from Yelp)

“Our washer went out, so I headed to Yelp to figure out who to call. Based on all his rave reviews and his nearby location we gave Todd a call. So glad we did! We set up an appointment and he showed up right on time. He gave us an estimate up front that was more then fair. The part needed ordering so he came back a couple day later to install it. Sadly, (for us) it didn't resolve the problem. So he was back a couple days later with a new part, and 45 minutes later the washer was running like new again. He adjusted the bill (Down!) due to the less expensive part,and also lowered the labor side of it as well. Even though he had now been to our place three times. Impressive! I had looked up the part I thought it might be, and had priced it out, prior to calling Appliance-Science, so I knew exactly what it cost. His charge for "parts" ... LESS then the actual cost I would have paid to purchase it. So no huge mark up like you'd normally get. If you choose to go with anyone but Todd, you're making a huge mistake. Hopefully nothing else goes down for a long, long time. But if it does, we'll be calling Todd again.”

Donna D., San Diego, CA (5 stars 11/24/2015 from Yelp)

“(1st check-in Yelp) Having a major appliance go down is a HUGE bummer and wildcard in your monthly budget and finances. I've had bad experiences with in home service calls that make me dread them about as much as a root canal. Now that I have found Todd at Appliance-Science, my outlook on appliance repair has made a turn for the better. Todd is a pro. He knows the equipment and what's up with it. My dishwasher was not pumping out and was completely unusable. He immediately diagnosed the problem as a simple stuck solenoid... Showed me how to jiggle it if it happens again and charged me $20. He could have easily justified the pump/solenoid replacement costs to me but told me not to bother. My unit is very well built but if it is not run every week, the solenoid is prone to sticking. His advice - run it once a week, even if you don't need to and it will last for many years to come. Now that's quality, honest service. Some of these guys charge you $50 just to show up and will always find a way to get a couple of hundred bucks out of you. Not Appliance-Science. Give Todd your business, he's the real deal.”

Jim K., San Diego, CA (5 stars 11/13/2015 from Yelp)

“Okay, add me to the 5 star fans of Todd's Appliance-Science. He just came by and made my clunky old oven work nice again. I am sooo very happy. There are many things to like about Todd. 1) The best name ever for an Appliance repair company and I love the science nerd logo. 2) Calls back promptly and arrives when he says he will. Pretty rare any more. 3) Friendly and fast. Had the part in his truck and fixed it. Done and Done! 3) Gave me advice on my other clunker appliances. 4) Price was fair and reasonable 5) Showed me a trick to take out the bottom of my oven to clean it without using the 1000 degree self cleaning routine. 6) Was nice to my dogs and showed me a picture of his dog. Whadda guy! I feel self righteous for being able to re-use my old appliances instead of rushing out and buying new ones. If Todd was selling Appliance-Science T-shirts, I would be free advertising.”

L S., San Diego, CA (5 stars 11/9/2015 from Yelp)

“Todd is reliable, honest and knowledgeable. I called him and left a voicemail and received a call back within 30 minutes and he was able to get me on the schedule two days later. We had a dishwasher that wouldn't work and Todd was able to diagnose the problem in minutes of his visit and come back the next day with the necessary part to repair the issue. What he charged was exactly what he said it would be...love that! We have actually had Todd by once before to look at our range which wasn't lighting... it was something so small that Todd fixed it in 30 seconds and didn't charge us anything. That is great service! We will absolutely use Todd's services again and I would recommend him to anyone else without hesitation.”

Tovah A., San Diego, CA (5 stars 9/4/2015 from Yelp)

“Had a pretty good idea what was wrong with my refrigerator (bad controller board). Emailed Todd and gave him a very specific assessment of the signs and symptoms. Got a call back the next day and Todd confirmed my diagnosis. Not only that but he directed me to the only place in the country that will fix the bad controller board and return it with a 2-year guarantee! Service above and beyond, and it didn't cost me a buck. Todd has cemented his relationship with me--he'll be the first person I call when one of my appliances goes wonky (and you know they will). Thanks Todd!”

Chuck N., San Diego (5 stars 7/26/15 from Yelp)

“Went online and scheduled an appointment. Appliance-Science came out and fixed my dryer. Great service, on-time. Great price that I paid online. Easy peasy!”

Scott R., San Diego (5 stars 5/13/15 from Yelp)

“Thank God for yelp and Todd. My washer broke yesterday and would not drain. I've got 2 kids and laundry is key in my household. I called Todd and he was able to come assess the washer immediately. There was a broken part, which he had on him. From start to finish (start being my phone call to Todd), my washer was up and running in 1 hour. Todd's number is now stored in my phone for the future. Thanks Todd!!”

Rizzle D., San Diego (5 stars 5/8/15 from Yelp)

“Amazing Service!!!! I called Todd for some dishwasher repair. He was very professional in setting up the appointment. He was on time. He did a great job. On top of that he is very reasonable in terms of price. He also gave us some good tips regarding other household appliance. Great Job. I have already recommended you to 4 of my friends.”

Neel G., San Diego (5 stars 7/31/14 from Yelp)

“Todd from Appliance-Science came out to fix my Stove. First of all, he showed up the same day! My oven intermittantly lights up, sometimes it takes over 1/2 hour to turn on. He took one look and went out to his truck and grabbed a part. 10 minutes later I was back in business!!! I also told him my oven lights intermittantly work. He told me they were loose. He totally could've told me they needed replacing and that the part for my original problem costed a ton but he was honest and his charge to fix my stove was very inexpensive. If your appliances break down, DEFINITELY call Appliance-Science first! Todd is the man!!!”

(5 stars 8/5/2015 from Yelp)

“Once again, Appliance-Science to the rescue! Thought my Easter would go off without a hitch... Nope! My fridge went out on Easter Sunday! I called Todd at Appliance-Science and he was at my house 10:00 am Monday (this morning). He would've been here sooner but he already had an earlier appt. He knew exactly what it was just by what I told him was going on over the phone. 20 min later I was back in business Fast... Inexpensive... Knowledgeable!!!”

Ernie W., San Diego (5 stars 4/21/14 from Yelp)

“Todd was great. I had to schedule late in the day because of work. Called before he showed up. He was courteous, quick, and efficient in repairing my oven. Asked about some other refrigerator issues I had and his solutions worked. Already recommended him to friends.”

Connie L., Santee, (5 Stars 6/29/13 from Yelp)

“Our ice maker stopped working so I needed a repairman. I found Appliance-Science here on Yelp and had my husband call him based on the good reviews. Todd came by today and spent a couple of minutes looking at our ice maker. Turns out we need to replace the unit. Todd was very honest and told us its cheaper to go on Amazon and order one and do it ourselves for about $80 vs the $167 it would cost him. Then told me there was no cost for the service call. Needless to say, I was very impressed with his honesty, as was my friend who was over today. If anything else arises, Todd will be the first one I call.”

Alison G., San Marcos, (5 Stars 6/27/13 from Yelp)

“Todd is very easy going and knowledgeable. He was very generous and flexible, as I forgot our appointment and called to reschedule. He returned the same day without shaming me. He diagnosed both my washing machine and refrigerator. He could have had me buy a very expensive part, but he told me I don't really need it, and thought of a good alternative. He does not charge for the visit. As a result of good treatment, I had him do another repair I had not thought of before. But he had thought about my refrigerator and came up with a solution when he returned with a washing machine part.I get the feeling this is more than just a job to Todd. He genuinely loves what he does. The repair he did on my washing machine was done well and quickly. In the past, I had some bad luck with appliance repair guys. One got me to pay for an unnecessary repair. One told me my appliance could not do the job I bought it for, and implied I was foolish to think my dishwasher could wash dishes. I would use Appliance-Science for any future repairs I need.”

Imelda P., San Diego, (5 Stars 6/24/13 from Yelp)

“With only one day off a week it's hard to schedule appointments my washing machine broke, Todd showed up same day great price and working same day!”

John J., San Diego, (5 Stars 6/13/13 from Yelp)

“Sears failed us on a repair appointment. I called up and the owner showed up within the hour. We were expecting guests for the weekend and he got us up and running for the weekend when Sears told us they would not be able to come until the following Tuesday. Good old fashioned honest service is not common these days but he got the job done without trying to gouge us in our time of need. I would recommend supporting this local business.”

Joe C., San Diego, (5 Stars 5/31/13 from Yelp)

“My oven broke down and I was in a bind. My neighbor referred me to Appliance-Science - Best Referral EVER! The owner, Todd, showed up. He was efficient, professional, and knew right off the bat what the problem was. He saved me a great deal of money vs my other two estimates. My oven works better than before!! I will recommend Appliance-Science to everyone!”

Jennifer R, San Diego, (5 Stars 5/10/13 from Yelp)

“My old dryer was making some really loud noises. I thought I was going to have to spend several hundred $$$$ on a new one. Appliance Science fixed the dryer and saved me a couple hundred dollars. They showed up on time too!”

Kenzie, San Diego, (5 Stars 4/8/13 from Kudzu)

“Finally an honest appliance repairman! Todd is a straight-shooter and told me exactly what he was going to do after a quick look WITHOUT CHARGING just to show up at my door. He was fast, considerate and charged exactly what he told me before starting. If there was a 6-star rating, I'd click on it!”

Scott N., San Diego, (5 Stars 4/4/13 from Yelp)

“On Saturday, March 30th, Todd from Appliance-Science came to my condo and repaired my dryer. The work was done in a timely manner and the cost was very reasonable. Todd is a friendly guy with an abundance of knowledge and experience related to appliance repair. He will be the first I call when I need any appliance repairs in the future.”

T. Gibson, Pacific Beach

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